The Industry Executive Committee members participate in a variety of activities that enhance the government-industry working relationship on the local level. These activities include planning and administrative support to Commanders at Wright-Patterson AFB (WPAFB) for the multiple industry and defense related briefings and regular informal luncheons where key USAF personnel address topics of current interest.

Industry Dialogue

HQ AFMC, AFLCMC, AFRL, NASIC, and AFSAC Directorate facilitate a number of annual meetings on WPAFB where senior industry executives join with their Air Force counterparts to discuss issues of common interest. The Industry Executive Committee works closely with Air Force leadership to identify forum topics and potential speakers and panel members, and provides administrative support to the forum proceedings.

The NDIA is part of a Professional Consortium

We join DADCA, AFA, AFCEA, AIA and the Dayton Rotary in sponsoring recognized national leaders to address Consortium membership.

Semi-Monthly Luncheons

Throughout the year, approximately 20 informal "luncheon-discussion sessions" with key military and civilian leaders are sponsored by the committee. This is culiminated with an NDIA hosted "Salute to Speakers" function each January.

Vectren Dayton Air Show

This international event is held in July and is actively supported by the Industry Executive Committee by providing several members to the AFA Chalet Planning Committee.

National Aviation Hall of Fame

We support the annual enshrinement of aerospace leaders that occurs each November.

NDIA Classic Golf Tournament

The annual team building Classic is held in September with typically over 100 participants from industry and DoD.

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

NDIA is recognized as a major support organization and a standing member on the Military Affairs Steering Committee of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.


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